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J50 122037 0064-M06-035, N501 2/17/2023
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Subject: existing recessed and raised pavement markings Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/9/2023 3:27:24 PM
Please clarify if this note from the SP is part of this contract. LOCATING, REMOVING AND DISPOSING OF RECESSED PAVEMENT MARKERS AND RAISED SNOW-PLOWABLE MARKERS — The Contractor shall locate, remove and dispose of existing recessed pavement markers and raised snow-plowable markers prior to resurfacing. The cavity left by the removal of the existing recessed pavement markers shall be cleaned of debris, filled with the approved mix for resurfacing and compacted. Locating, removing and disposing of recessed pavement markers and raised snow-plowable markers; cleaning and filling the cavity, and compacting the material placed in the cleaned cavity will not be measured for payment. The cost for performing this work shall be included in the price bid for other appropriate items of work.  
Answer   Date: 2/13/2023 10:24:49 PM
This note from the SP is part of this contract. This SP note only applies to the existing recessed pavement markers and raised snow-plowable markers located between the existing HOV lane and adjacent general purpose lane in both eastbound and westbound directions for the project length. This work shall be performed prior to installing the permanent pavement marking and inlaid pavement markers.  
Subject: Project Schedule Type: Proposal
Question Date: 1/13/2023 2:07:15 PM
The Proposal indicates the Department may prioritize the work for a Directional Split Opening. When will the Department determine if a Directional Split Opening will be utilized? How does the Contractor schedule the project with the possibility of a Directional Split Opening? Will the Directional Split Opening need to be included in the Category I Schedule?  
Answer   Date: 1/18/2023 10:15:56 AM
The Department will determine the need for a directional split opening based on the status of all projects required to open I-64 HREL Segment 2 for tolling operations. Any cost and schedule impacts will be part of the change order to provide this directional split opening. A directional split opening may require the contractor to first complete all contract items of work in one direction prior to beginning those in the opposite direction. It is not necessary to include the directional split opening in the project schedule.  
Subject: Project Schedule Requirement Type: Specifications
Question Date: 1/13/2023 2:01:54 PM
Why is a Category I Project Schedule required when the project completion date is July 15, 2023? Is this really necessary?  
Answer   Date: 1/18/2023 6:18:31 PM
The Special Provision for Progress Schedule for Category 1 Projects will be removed via a forthcoming addendum.  
Subject: Flexible Delineator post Type: Other
Question Date: 1/13/2023 1:39:51 PM
Are these installed with epoxy or will they be bolted down?  
Answer   Date: 1/13/2023 7:06:10 PM
The flexible delineator posts will be installed with epoxy per the vendor's recommendations.  
Subject: Plan sheets Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/3/2023 10:20:44 AM
There are multiple copies of the same plan sheets in this proposal. Please clarify that there are no missing plan sheets.  
Answer   Date: 1/4/2023 9:23:31 AM
There are no plan sheets missing. Plan sheets 3(4) thru 3(11) of the no-plan assembly are in duplicate and can be removed. This will be corrected in the executed contract.  

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