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K94 121701 0095-029-267, B680 5/17/2024
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Subject: Equipment Type: Other
Question Date: 5/17/2024 12:32:27 PM
After revisiting the actual conditions of the Accotink Creek stream in the field, we noticed that we don’t see feasible to bring the pumps/Equipment/Materials toward upstream and build the cofferdam and by pass, so we are requesting a southbound temporary traffic control setup, identically to the northbound. We need to provide equipment and materials from the road using a crane as well.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Bypass/Cofferdam Type: Other
Question Date: 5/14/2024 10:41:37 AM
Please provide a peak flow or some parameters available to be used for the design of the bypass and the cofferdam system.  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2024 12:33:51 PM
The Contractor is responsible for the design of both the temporary cofferdam and stream bypass pipe. Please refer to the notes on the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (Sheet 5 of 13) that provides specific information regarding the temporary cofferdam and stream bypass pipe. The Contractor should consider that the bypass pipe will work in conjunction with the Contractor’s cofferdam and the cofferdam design will impact the ultimate size and flow requirements of the bypass pipe. Plan Sheet 4 of 13 shows a conceptual 4 FT diameter pipe to serve as a base flow bypass and may be used as the basis of an estimate of base flow for bid purposes. The Contractor should also take into consideration that the other bridge opening is open for stream flow and may serve for any overflow needs that won’t be conveyed by the bypass pipe.  
Subject: Temporary Pavement Marking Type: Plan
Question Date: 5/14/2024 10:40:55 AM
Please Clarify, on sheets 12 and 13, the plans call for Temporary Pavement Marking (Type E) 6” to be placed on top of existing striping. Since the temporary striping is showing a shifted striping, it is impossible to place it on top of existing so the existing needs to be eradicated or blocked, please explain how to proceed.  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2024 9:24:43 AM
All existing pavement markings within the proposed lane shift zone shall be covered with 6” Type E, Temporary Pavement Markings. All new temporary striping within the proposed lane shift zone shall be 6” Type B, Class VI Contrast Pavement Marking and 6” Type D, Class III Temporary Pavement Markings. Once construction has been completed, all temporary pavement markings and contrast tape shall be removed and traffic shall be returned to the existing lane configuration and corresponding pavement markings.  
Subject: Lane User's Fee Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/14/2024 10:39:38 AM
Please confirm that the K94 project is not affected for any kind of User Fee Charge for not restoring all lanes to traffic by the designated times. The Special Provision Section 108.02 Limitation of Operations provided for this project shows a Lane Users’ Fees table only for the Eastbound and Westbound of I-66.  
Answer   Date: 5/15/2024 9:09:04 AM
Even though there are not any User fees required for this project, the Contractor must abide by the allowable lane closure hours in the Special Provisions for Limitations of Operations. Furthermore, the Department will strictly enforce those hours. The I-66 User’s Fee table does not apply to this project.  
Subject: Geotechnical Report Type: Other
Question Date: 5/14/2024 10:38:24 AM
May we have a geotechnical report?  
Answer   Date: 5/15/2024 9:11:31 AM
There is no Geotechnical Report for this Slope Repair project.  
Subject: Staging Area Type: Other
Question Date: 5/14/2024 10:37:48 AM
Do you have a suggested staging area you recommend?  
Answer   Date: 5/15/2024 9:10:01 AM
Recommended Staging Area is shown in Sheet 3 of 13.  
Subject: Disincentive Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/2/2024 3:11:55 PM
Per SECTION 108.02 – LIMITATION OF OPERATIONS: When applicable, disincentives will be assessed on this project, or sections thereof, designated as subject to disincentives. Please confirm if there are sections of this project that are designated as subject to disincentives. If so, please identify what sections are affected.  
Answer   Date: 5/3/2024 9:52:34 AM
There are no sections in this project designated as subject to disincentives.  
Subject: Plans and Specs Type: Other
Question Date: 4/10/2024 3:19:55 PM
May we please have access to the plans and specs for this project? We do not see them uploaded on Project Wise.  
Answer   Date: 4/11/2024 7:56:15 AM
Plans & proposal are now available.  
Question Date: 4/15/2024 11:05:00 AM
Please upload plans. There is nothing in Project Wise when this project is pulled up. Thanks!  
Answer   Date: 4/15/2024 2:41:36 PM
Plans & proposal have been uploaded and are now available for viewing.  

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