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L19 121349 0646-013-008, B686 5/17/2024
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Subject: Abutment Excavation Type: Plan
Question Date: 4/29/2024 9:38:39 AM
Reference plan sheet 1 of 21 Where is the material excavation from the existing abutments to the new abutments paid?  
Answer   Date: 4/30/2024 1:36:17 PM
The cut material between new and existing abutments will be paid for under Regular Excavation (303SD20-0001). The associated portion of the Regular Excavation is estimated to be a total of 147 cubic yards (CY), which is identified as Embankment Removal in the grading summary on Plan Sheet No. 21Q.  
Subject: Bridge Construction COFFERDAM Type: Plan
Question Date: 4/22/2024 10:29:07 AM
Plan sheet 36 of 55 Note #4 states in part: "Cofferdams may be used and if used, refer to the bridge plans for construction." Bridge plans do not show any reference of cofferdams. Please clarify.  
Answer   Date: 5/2/2024 5:36:28 PM
Please see the Cofferdam Layout Sketch added to the Bid Proposal per recent addendum dated 04/26/2024. Cofferdams shall be used in accordance with and as required by the Special Provisions for RP-11/Nationwide Permit 3 – Maintenance, which is in the bid proposal. The bid item Cofferdam is given on Bridge Plan Sheet No. 2 of 21 in the table for the Estimated Quantities - Substructure, which is broken down as one (1) cofferdam at Abutment A and one (1) cofferdam at Abutment B.  
Subject: Existing Bridge Type: Plan
Question Date: 4/22/2024 9:45:03 AM
Please provide plans or sketches for the existing bridge #6084.  
Answer   Date: 4/24/2024 10:03:54 AM
As-built plans are now available to be viewed. There are no existing plans for the abutments.  

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