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L05 119760 0064-964-706, M501 5/17/2024
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Subject: Line Item 0010 Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 5/16/2024 9:59:35 PM
Where is the anticipated work required for this bid item identified?  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2024 2:33:35 PM
This item is for work associated to the bridge connection, and is needed whenever work involves removal of existing coating from the bridge or any structure that has System B Coating.  
Subject: Erosion Control Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/16/2024 9:39:25 PM
How will erosion control and silt fence be paid?  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2024 4:24:56 PM
Silt fence is incidental to other items, as noted on plan sheet 2H.  
Subject: SE-5 Electric Services Type: Plan
Question Date: 5/16/2024 2:06:36 PM
In regards to the electric services, please confirm that all coordination and costs associated with Dominion Energy will be the responsibility of VDOT.  
Answer   Date: 5/16/2024 4:09:59 PM
Coordination with Dominion Energy and the associated costs of coordination are the responsibility of the Department.  
Subject: Item 0020 Brg. Conduit System Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/14/2024 4:41:18 PM
CSX will not provide any train scheduling information until under permit to do the work. Without knowing how much time will be lost due to train traffic (work stops whenever a train is in the area) it is not possible to provide an accurate estimate for this portion of the work. Can allowances be made for this work or can VDOT provide a schedule that will be adhered to? The train schedule will significantly impact the cost of this job.  
Answer   Date: 5/16/2024 11:36:20 AM
The train types, speeds and estimated number of trains per day is shown in SP 107.19 of the proposal documents. Please bid accordingly.  
Question Date: 5/17/2024 2:19:25 PM
Is there a window of time during the day that can be worked uninterrupted, or should we assume with 45 trains passing daily, roughly two will pass per hour, creating 30 minutes per hour of available work time?  
Answer   Date:
Subject: BRG. CONDUIT SYSTEM (STR. NO. 043-2041) Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 5/8/2024 12:21:34 PM
Item 20 Spec 419 BRG. CONDUIT SYSTEM (STR. NO. 043-2041) on page 18 of 63, the framing plan, list 2-4" conduit runs across the bridge, but Plan set page 33 only list 1-4" Conduit run across the bridge. Please clarify if it is 1 or 2 conduit runs across the bridge.  
Answer   Date: 5/8/2024 3:30:59 PM
There should be two 4” conduits across the bridge per sheet 2D(01) and 2D(02). The details on sheet 33 are intended to provide more detail regarding what should be placed within the conduits called for on the bridge plans.  
Subject: Train Schedule Type: Other
Question Date: 5/8/2024 12:18:25 PM
Due to the Rail Road requirement, can you provide a frequency of train passage under the bridge. What is the expected production schedule for this area.  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 5/15/2024 2:43:32 PM
The train types, speeds and estimated number of trains per day is shown in SP 107.19 of the proposal documents. Please bid accordingly.  
Subject: Post Bid Communication Type: Other
Question Date: 5/7/2024 12:57:42 PM
If low bidder, where do we send or email the post bid DBE forms?  
Answer   Date: 5/8/2024 8:52:27 AM
The forms may be emailed to  
Subject: Plans Type: Plan
Question Date: 4/10/2024 9:49:15 AM
Are any plans going to be provided for the project?  
Answer   Date: 4/10/2024 9:57:27 AM
Plans are now available.  

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