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238 123433 PM2Y-962-F24, P401 12/8/2023
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Subject: Polishing vs. Non-polishing Type: Specifications
Question Date: 12/4/2023 2:41:53 PM
Is limestone (polishing) mix suitable for use in lieu of non-polishing mix for routes with ADT less than 750 for both the SM-9.5 mixes and the SM-9.0?  
Answer   Date: 12/5/2023 6:56:47 AM
The contractor is allowed to use polished aggregate in the surface mixes of Order 238 for the routes with traffic count that is below 750 VPD (traffic group I-VII).  
Subject: Bid Doc's Type: Proposal
Question Date: 11/10/2023 7:38:27 AM
Please load bid doc's  
Answer   Date: 11/13/2023 9:11:53 AM
The Proposal is now available for review.  
Question Date: 11/21/2023 3:43:08 PM
There are several routes in the Bonsack area with curb and gutter i.e. routes 781, 1206, 1219, etc. that are showing 1" of SM-9.0A with no milling shown for the routes. What is your intent for tying in to the gutter pan and at the beginning of the route if the contractor is not to mill?  
Answer   Date: 11/22/2023 8:18:00 AM
Based on our field inspection, it was determined that routes 781, 1206, 1219 do not require milling prior to the 1.0” asphalt overlay. Routes 781, 1206 and 1219 intersect with routes covered with 1.5” asphalt overlay which explains why no tie in mill is required at the intersection with that route. If at the time of construction, there happens to be a need for additional tie in milling then it will be addressed at the construction phase.  
Question Date: 11/21/2023 2:14:18 PM
Will ramp closures be allowed at I-81 exit 168 to complete the work on route 614?  
Answer   Date: 11/27/2023 11:52:56 AM
No ramp closures will be permitted at this location. The allowable work hours for route 614 shall be changed from daytime to nighttime from 9 PM to 6 AM Sunday Night to Friday Morning.  

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