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J84 118832 1250-000-913, B608 6/16/2023
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Subject: Deck Closure Type: Proposal
Question Date: 6/1/2023 7:37:44 PM
Please confirm whether the prices for items Deck Slab Closure and Backwall Reconstruction include furnishing and tying rebar for these items of work, or rebar will be paid separately under Item 170, CRR Class III.  
Answer   Date: 6/7/2023 1:25:26 PM
Rebar will be paid separately.  
Subject: Steel Repairs Type: Plan
Question Date: 6/1/2023 7:29:32 PM
Sheet 21 identifies 9 locations where type B bolted beam repair will be performed. General Notes on Sheet 1 states all structural steel repair for beam end repairs shall be ASTM A709 Grade 36. The quantity of Item 180 for Grade 36 steel is 6,700 LBS which is far greater than the wIight of the beam end repair steel. Please inform if any other steel work is included in Item 180. if not, please verify the quantity of Grade 36 Steel.  
Answer   Date: 6/7/2023 10:12:33 AM
There is no other steel work included in item 180. After further investigation your question of the quantity reported for item 180 is warranted. After completion of an independent calculation to verify the number reported for item 180 it was found that a more representative quantity for ASTM A709 Grade 36 steel would be 3,000 lbs. An addendum will be forthcoming.  
Subject: Permits Type: Permits
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:58:52 PM
Is an LUP Permit required? If so, can you provide a budget cost for the LUP Estimate so we may factor in the bond cost?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:03:40 AM
All work is within VDOT ROW.  
Subject: Existing Utilities Type: Other
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:58:31 PM
Can you provide a website or documentation showing actual existing utilities?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:03:59 AM
Some available surface data is shown on the plans. Information regarding utility locations is advisory only and shall not be construed as being a representation of completeness or accuracy. The bidder shall contact the owners of the various utilities to determine the exact location of the utilities. Additional designations beyond those shown in the plans are the responsibility of the contractor. See specification section 107.09  
Subject: Geotechnical Information Type: Other
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:58:05 PM
When actual conditions are different from the geotechnical report/information provided, will the contractor be entitled for additional compensation?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:07:00 AM
See section 109 - Measurement and Payment of the specifications.  
Subject: Notice To Proceed Type: Other
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:57:23 PM
Due to current supply chain issues, will the owner consider issuing a second NTP for delays due to material availability?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:04:17 AM
Subject: Existing Utilities Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:56:31 PM
Will the owner reimburse for existing utilities damaged if now shown on the plans?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:04:40 AM
See section 107.09 of the specifications.  
Subject: Geotechnical Report Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:55:46 PM
May we have a geotechnical report?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:05:43 AM
A Geotech report was not necessary based on the scope of this project so it has not been developed.  
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:55:44 PM
May we have a geotechnical report?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:06:36 AM
A Geotech report was not necessary based on the scope of this project so it has not been developed.  
Subject: Staging Area Type: Other
Question Date: 5/18/2023 3:55:21 PM
Will you provide a staging area?  
Answer   Date: 5/22/2023 10:06:07 AM
Two possible staging areas are shows on plan sheet 40(2) and are available for the contractors use.  

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