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J83 (CII) 122526 0017-M06-068, B603, C501 6/16/2023
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Subject: Material Storage and Staging Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:25:00 AM
VDOT has stated that material is being stored at signals shop. Will contractor be expected to stage equipment and handle operations at signals shop or acquire their own yard?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:32:11 PM
Take-ups removed from the bridge can be stored at the Signal shop location as they are VDOT property. Outside of the Take-ups, what materials and equipment do you expect to need stage at a laydown yard?  
Subject: Existing Wire Ropes Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:24:27 AM
Is there any risk of existing counterweight ropes having stretched over the years and counterweight pins unable to relieve tension in ropes? If so contract may require additional work. Will contractor be compensated for this potential additional work?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:31:54 PM
The question is unclear. The counterweight ropes have both constructional and elastic stretch that needs to be accounted for in the Contractors jacking procedure. The Contractor must ensure the jacking system provided has sufficient adjustability for removal of the old ropes and installation of the new ropes. The bridge may either be raised using the machinery or the Contractors jacks until the holes on the counterweight anchorage and the counterweight hangers roughly align to allow for the pins to be inserted. Fine adjustments if required must be performed with the jacking system. There are sufficient holes on both the counterweight anchorage and the counterweight hangers to allow for alignment and for the pins to be inserted. There is no potential of additional work to be compensated for.  
Subject: Project Scheduled Dates Type: Proposal
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:24:00 AM
Contractor to provide 2 potential dates for shutdowns and 2 backup dates per the specifications. If weather prohibits shutdowns from material procurement date to Feb 15th how will the contract be handled?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:31:33 PM
Any potential requests for time extension would be handled per Section 108.04 – “Determination and Extension of Completion Date” and per Contract Special Provision for “Progress Schedules for Category I Projects”.  
Subject: Auxiliary Ropes Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:23:28 AM
Can auxiliary ropes be replaced on the same tower as the Main counterweight Ropes being replaced?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:31:03 PM
Replacement of the auxiliary ropes on the same tower will be considered upon submission of the plan of operation. The contractor shall clearly outline how they plan to do all of the work on the same tower, and meeting the contract requirements.  
Subject: Wire Rope Delivery Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:23:09 AM
How will wire ropes be delivered? One rope per spool? How large are the spools?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:30:40 PM
Main counterweight ropes will be shipped on spools, two ropes per spool. The main counterweight rope spool size shall be 82” flange dia. x 66” drum dia. x 50” inside traverse with 59” overall width and 6-3/4” arbor. Reel weight is approximately 1,800 lbs. each, package weight is approximately 4,700/4750 lbs. each. The auxiliary counterweight ropes will be shipped on pallets, two ropes per pallet. Minimum coil diameter is 22”. Package weight is approximately 300 lbs. each.  
Subject: Wrench Tightening Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:22:32 AM
Will VDOT be suppling wrench to tighten ropes? If so how many wrenches will be provided and are other methods of tightening acceptable?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:29:41 PM
No. The contractor shall be responsible for providing all tooling. Appropriately sized sockets, wrenches and hydraulic or pneumatic tooling (Enerpac, Hytorc, etc.) shall be acceptable.  
Subject: Material Procurement Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:22:05 AM
VDOT has stated Ropes will arrive in several shipments from 9/29/23 - 10/20/23. Will VDOT have all material listed in "Summary of Parts Supplied by VDOT" on page G4 of the plans procured by 10/20/23?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:28:40 PM
Yes, should any delay in schedule occur bidders will be notified immediately.  
Subject: Bridge Controls Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:21:39 AM
Will a Control Sub be required to help operate bridge relays and brakes or will VDOT operator handle all bridge control operations?  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:28:12 PM
VDOT will perform all bridge operations. At the discretion of VDOT and VDOT’s Engineer on site, the brakes on the machinery may be operated by hand. The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating all operations with VDOT.  
Subject: Power Supply Type: Other
Question Date: 6/2/2023 11:21:02 AM
Please clarify the power supply the Contractor will have access to in Machine and Sheave Rooms.  
Answer   Date: 6/5/2023 12:27:39 PM
Any 120V outlets, not already in use, in either the machine and sheave rooms shall be available for use. Any damage to the existing outlets or equipment supplying power to those outlets shall be repaired at no additional cost to the Department. Any other power source requirements shall be the responsibility of the Contractor and the price for the same shall be incidental to other line items.  
Subject: Bid Postponement Request Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/31/2023 8:29:15 AM
We respectfully request a bid date extension to July 26, 2023. This additional time will help with providing the most competative bid for this project.  
Answer   Date: 5/31/2023 9:08:57 AM
This project advertised on 4/11/2023. VDOT has already extended the typical advertisement period for this project which has a bid letting date of 6/21/2023. VDOT will not be extending the bid letting date out any further as it would further narrow the period of time that this work can be completed in the field prior to the February 2024 Time of Year Restriction.  

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