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511 121065 0258-046-744, P401 6/16/2023
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Subject: Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/18/2023 7:59:49 AM
In the Windsor Woods neighborhood section of this project, all streets have .75" of excess removal listed. This amount of removal will only accommodate the fluff generated by the FDR. This amount of removal does not allow for the 3" asphalt pavement design associated with these streets. During the FDR process if the streets are graded so the new asphalt can be paved flush with the gutter pan , that graded material would have to be placed toward the center of the roadway, add the 3" of new asphalt on top of that and the center of the road would be raised about 5.25 inches. Is this the intent of the department or would paving above the gutter pan be acceptable?  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 5/22/2023 3:28:38 PM
The Department’s intention in Windors Woods Subdivision is to remove approximately 3.75” of excess material. The intent is to have the new asphalt to be at the same elevation as the gutter pan and provide a crown for the roadway. An addendum is forthcoming to revise the Pay Item accordingly. The letting of this project will be delayed to 6/21/2023.  

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