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J69 118788 6759-000-912, B625 4/21/2023
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Subject: Completion Date Type: Proposal
Question Date: 3/17/2023 1:02:13 PM
The incentive/disincentive date and the fixed completion date are the same, June 21, 2024. If the project is completed after June 21, 2024, will Department assess BOTH the disincentive amount and the liquidated damages amount for the number of days the project is not completed?  
Answer   Date: 3/22/2023 5:43:41 PM
This contract does not have incentive/disincentive. Fixed Completion date for this Contract is September 9, 2024.  
Subject: Plan Sheets & Microstation files Type: Plan
Question Date: 3/17/2023 7:17:55 AM
Subject folders in Project Wise are empty, when will documents be available?  
Answer   Date: 3/17/2023 1:12:41 PM
Docs are now available.  
Question Date: 3/17/2023 1:51:29 PM
Thank you, plan sheets are good to go. The 'microstation files' folder is still empty though.  
Answer   Date: 3/22/2023 1:37:39 PM
The microstation files have been uploaded.  

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