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J55 122449 0064-002-567, B650, B652 2/17/2023
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Subject: Jacking and Blocking Plan Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/8/2023 10:19:13 AM
The notes for the Suggested Jacking Detail for this project states …. actual details shall be developed by the Contractor”; has VDOT evaluated the load configuration on the footing, or will the Contractor be required to verify the capacity/resistance/acceptability for the suggested jacking detail provided? If the Contractor is required to evaluate the jacking configuration shown, can VDOT provide the as-built plans?  
Answer   Date: 2/9/2023 8:58:53 AM
The Contractor is not required to analyze the existing abutments for the jacking load provided that the loads are distributed evenly across the width of the footing with plates or timber blocking as shown in the suggested detail. As-built plans are now available in Project Wise.  
Subject: Lane Restrictions Type: Proposal
Question Date: 1/17/2023 7:17:18 AM
Are notes 12 and 13 on page 142 of the proposal saying that one lane can be closed on the bridge at all times as long as a 14'-6" width is provided regardless of the allowable work hour restrictions shown in the table?  
Answer   Date: 1/19/2023 11:26:56 AM
The contractor must adhere to the allowable work hours provided when impacting traffic. When working during the allowable work hours and impacting traffic, the bridge may be reduced to one lane and must maintain a 14'-6" travel lane.  
Question Date: 1/17/2023 7:14:03 AM
Note 22 on page 127 of the proposal says that "no jacking or repairs shall be performed within a span lane that is under traffic unless approved by the Engineer." Will the Engineer approve performing jacking operations or repairs under traffic if an adequate jacking and blocking plan is presented to the Department and approved? The traffic management plan indicates regular lane closures can only be in place from 8pm to 6am. The work shown in the plans cannot be performed in one 10-hour shift.  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 1/19/2023 11:07:33 AM
Yes, but traffic will not be allowed in the span lane until the beams are blocked or the jacks are locked. The allowable work hours provided must be adhered to when impacting traffic. The Department would anticipate work being done in phases with the bridge jacked and blocked.  

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