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J54 113504 0638-039-597, B655 2/17/2023
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Subject: DBE Underrun Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/20/2023 1:01:50 AM
If there is an underrun on the Traffic Control Quantities performed by the DBE, A prime contractor will still need to meet the 11% of DBE Particiaption?  
Answer   Date: 2/22/2023 7:26:52 AM
VDOT does not dictate which bid items to subcontract to DBEs in order to achieve the minimum DBE contract participation percentage. However, if it does appear that a prime contractor will not be able to achieve the minimum required DBE participation for a contract with the items and vendors that the prime contractor indicated on Form C-111, regardless of the reason, it is up to the prime contractor to contact VDOT's Project Manager and the District Civil Rights Manager as soon as the problem is known. The prime contractor must document the reason(s) for the need to replace DBE participation and submit a revised Form C-111 for approval to replace the DBE participation with another DBE vendor(s) and/or bid items that have yet to be performed on the contract.  
Subject: Traffic Control Quantities Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 2/20/2023 12:59:21 AM
Quantities for the Traffic Control features (Signs, drums, PCMS, Lights) does not match the plans and the contract time. As a DBE we are buying that material to work in this project. An underrun of this size could impact us financially and bankrupt us.  
Answer   Date: 2/21/2023 4:18:36 PM
In VDOT's review of the plans, proposal and fixed completion date, no discrepancies were noted. As with most items paid on a day or hour unit of measure certain assumptions are made about actual time of use since the Contractor may submit a plan of operations for approval that differs from VDOT’s approach. Standard practice is to estimate on the liberal side due to statistically historic overruns of these minor items as well as allowing for some leeway if the need arises in the field. Contractor needs to bid the items based on how they plan on prosecuting the work with the understanding only actual use will be measured and paid.  
Subject: Joint fabric Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/6/2023 8:48:39 AM
Page 13 of 16. Line item 3 and 5 both call for joint fabric to be placed in each coat of epoxy. Previous projects typically only require the joint fabric to be placed in the first coat of epoxy. Is it VDOT's intention to place a second layer of fabric in the second coat of epoxy?  
Answer   Date: 2/6/2023 1:49:26 PM
The reference in items 3 and 5 are part of VDOT Standard Drawing Notes. The reference to the second coat of epoxy is only applicable at pier joints. Since this structure does not include any pier, the second coat of epoxy and fabric over the shear keys is not applicable to this structure and joint fabric may be placed in the first coat of epoxy.  
Subject: Pre-Bored Piles Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/6/2023 8:39:49 AM
On plan sheet 3 of the bridge plans in the details regarding the pre-bored piles states that each rock socketed pile shall be completed within 2 days, is it the intent of this note that once drilling has begun at a location it must be progessed and completely finished, pile installed, concrete and sand placed, prior to moving to a new pile location?  
Answer   Date: 2/6/2023 3:43:42 PM
The 2-day time limit for socketed pile construction pertains to the drilling, pile placement, and concreting operations. Additionally, the concrete must be placed on the same day that the rock socket is excavated. The sand above EL. 757 should be placed after the concrete has achieved its initial set, and would not be included in the 2-day time restriction.  
Subject: Utilities Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/3/2023 3:18:50 PM
Will the line above Abutment B be relocated? In its present alignment it will interfere with crane use and drilling for the piles.  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 2/17/2023 4:05:08 PM
The overhead line will be removed prior to commencement of the project.  
Subject: Existing Bridge Plans Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/31/2023 1:42:30 PM
Can the existing bridge plans be made available on the ProjectWise site?  
Answer   Date: 2/1/2023 7:58:50 AM
There are no existing plans for this structure.  
Question Date: 2/2/2023 9:57:59 AM
According to the notes on sheet 2 paragraph 3 of the bridge plans, the as-built sketches can be obtained upon request.  
Answer   Date: 2/2/2023 12:32:28 PM
The statement referenced on sheet 2 is incorrect. There are no existing plans for the structure.  

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