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J31 1852 0602-167-181, M501 2/17/2023
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Subject: Traffic Barrier Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/15/2023 11:55:43 PM
Could you specify where the 340 LF of Traffic Barrier is needed. Also, which kind of end treatment we need to use for those barriers.  
Answer   Date: 1/24/2023 11:00:39 AM
There is no continuous run of traffic barrier service. The traffic barrier service is for the section of temporary barrier behind each barricade used for the detours. No end treatments are needed. Please see Figure TTC-48.2 in the Work Area Protection Manual. When these quantities were calculated it was assumed that each section of temporary barrier is 12 LF. The quantity summary on Sheet 1H(3) lists 240 LF but it should be 96 LF. This is being corrected in an upcoming addendum.  
Subject: Fill in FDR sections Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/9/2023 10:22:40 AM
On Sheets 3A, 4A, and 5A, it shows the existing ground well below the proposed surface, such that a 10" FDR section will still require fill material to meet proposed grades. Please clarify the typical section for areas of fill underneath an FDR section.  
Answer   Date: 1/10/2023 2:46:00 PM
Per Sheet Note #4 on the Typical Section (Sheet 2A) as well as General Note G-6 on Sheet 2, any necessary fill material shall be Select Material Type II, Minimum CBR-15. Where additional material is needed to achieve the design grade this is the only material needed beneath the 8" FDR.  
Question Date: 1/16/2023 8:35:19 AM
We assume that if contractor reclaims all existing pavement, and still requires additional material to meet FDR grade, all additional material is to be paid as Borrow Excavation CBR-15. Is that correct?  
Answer   Date: 1/24/2023 11:00:12 AM
That is correct. And as stated in the response to an earlier question, please note that per General Note G-6 on Sheet 2 and Sheet Note 4 on Sheet 2A that borrow material is to be Select Material Type II as well as being CBR-15.  
Question Date: 1/11/2023 8:41:58 AM
To clarify: The intent of the department is to cut/fill to bring the grade to finish elevation -2" for the proposed asphalt thickness, followed by FDR application (8") match the typical section. Is this correct?  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 1/13/2023 5:12:11 PM
Yes, the finished FDR grade will be 2” below the finished roadway grade. However, in areas where the existing pavement is above or below the FDR finish elevation, it was expected the Contractor would reclaim all of the existing pavement material and use it in the FDR mix design. In the event that the contractor chooses not to utilize all the existing pavement materials and additional supplemental materials are utilized in order to meet the requirements of the FDR Special Provision, then the cost for those additional supplemental materials shall be included in the cost of Full Depth Recycling (FDR) line item. The cost of removing, handling, transporting, storing and placing of all the existing reclaimed material in the FDR operation is included in the Full Depth Recycling (FDR) line item. An addendum to add this information to the contract is forthcoming. RECEIPT OF BIDS WILL BE DELAYED.  

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