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H38 111635 0106-074-786,C501 10/21/2022
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Subject: electrical service and CCW1 Type: Proposal
Question Date: 10/6/2022 3:03:38 PM
Reference Drawing 7(2)A and bid items 1420 and 1430: Please Clarify: the bid items request a new SE-8 and a new CCW-1, however, the drawing indicates these items are existing.  
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Subject: Water meter relocation and connections Type: Plan
Question Date: 10/4/2022 11:07:43 AM
Who will be responsible for the relocation of the existing meters into the proposed meter boxes? Who will be responsible for the connection of the existing copper service lines to the proposed meter boxes?  
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Subject: Transportation Management Plan - Water and Sanitary Sewer Type: Plan
Question Date: 10/4/2022 11:05:56 AM
The Transportation Management Plan - Sequence of Construction does not address the proposed water main or sanitary sewer relocation work. Should bidders assume this work will be performed prior to any roadway closures or detours? Will all maintenance of traffic costs be incidental or measured for payment? Open cut and patching will be required for road crossings,, payment for the aggregate and asphalt for patching will be measured or incidental?  
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