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H56 113518 0029-029-414,C501 8/19/2022
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Subject: Clarification on RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/11/2022 8:04:22 AM
Please reference the schedule of items proposal line number 0910 RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL which has a bid quantity of 20 LF and the bridge plan sheets. According to bridge plan sheet 1 there is an item under table titled "ESTIMATED QUANTITIES - SLAB SPAN RECONSTRUCTION" described as "Railing 42" CPSR Terminal Walls totaling 20 LF. The minimum terminal wall length per bridge plan sheet 5 is 7'0". With 7'0" each side totaling 14'0" of cast in place terminal wall that would leave only 6'0" for RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL in between. Is this the intent of proposal line number 0910 RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL to have 7'0" long terminal walls each side and 6'0" of 3 rail in between or to just make the total length of terminal wall 20'0"?  
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