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H56 113518 0029-029-414,C501 8/19/2022
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Subject: Culvert Extension Bedding Requirements Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/19/2022 11:03:05 AM
Please confirm the culvert extension bedding requirements are per roadway plan sheet 2D which is 30" of no. 2 or 3 aggregate topped with 6" of no. 25/26. Also, please clarify what item bedding will be paid under as there is only a bid item for CR. RUN AGGR. NO. 25 OR 26 but not what one for the no. 2 or 3 aggregate.  
Answer   Date: 8/22/2022 11:49:01 AM
Please follow the note "Bedding and backfill shall be in accordance with Standard PB-1 for box culvert" on bridge plan sheet 1 - section A-A, instead of the roadway plan sheet 2D.  
Subject: Clarification on Remove Portion of Existing Structure Number 1073 Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/19/2022 8:09:09 AM
Please reference the bridge plan sheets 1, & 4 which show the limits of partial demolition of the existing box culvert structure. Specifically the existing footing to be partial removed and new culvert wall constructed against existing footing to remain. Would it be acceptable to remove the existing footing in its entirety to have room to form the new walls for culvert.  
Answer   Date: 8/22/2022 3:46:43 PM
The existing footing shown on bridge plan sheet 4 is connected with slab span foundation. Therefore, it cannot be removed in its entirety. However, it is acceptable to partially remove the existing footing no more than 2' away from the slab span foundation. Concrete removal shall be in accordance with the Road and Bridge Specification 412.03 without damage to the existing abutment footing. The Contractor must submit a plan during construction for the Engineer's approval.  
Subject: Waterline Relocation Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/18/2022 4:42:32 PM
Can you provide the current plans for the relocation of the 10" Waterline on Lee Highway at Nutley St. When is it scheduled to be relocated?  
Answer   Date: 8/18/2022 4:42:44 PM
A copy of the final plans for Lee Hwy at Nutley Street Water Main Relocation project is located in ProjectWise. Fairfax Water will begin water main relocation work early the week of 8/22.  
Question Date: 8/19/2022 7:50:15 AM
The Fairfax Co. water relocation plans show the existing water main "To Be Abandoned or Removed As Necessary." Please confirm where there is conflict with the VDOT proposed work installation (i.e. pipe run 3-5 to 3-6, structures 3-5 & 3-6, and excavation for bedding of culvert extension (5-7) the existing water main will be removed as part of the Fairfax Co. water work.  
Answer   Date: 8/22/2022 3:03:13 PM
The water main will be abandoned in place. So, if there is a conflict during the excavation, the Contractor will need to remove it as necessary.  
Subject: Clarification on RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/11/2022 8:04:22 AM
Please reference the schedule of items proposal line number 0910 RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL which has a bid quantity of 20 LF and the bridge plan sheets. According to bridge plan sheet 1 there is an item under table titled "ESTIMATED QUANTITIES - SLAB SPAN RECONSTRUCTION" described as "Railing 42" CPSR Terminal Walls totaling 20 LF. The minimum terminal wall length per bridge plan sheet 5 is 7'0". With 7'0" each side totaling 14'0" of cast in place terminal wall that would leave only 6'0" for RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL in between. Is this the intent of proposal line number 0910 RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL to have 7'0" long terminal walls each side and 6'0" of 3 rail in between or to just make the total length of terminal wall 20'0"?  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 8/19/2022 2:18:27 PM
There is no CPSR 3 RAIL in between the terminal wall. The purpose of Line number 0910 RAILING, CPSR 3 RAIL is to pay for Railing 42" CPSR Terminal Wall. See sheet 2 – PART TRANSVERSE SECTION, the total length of the left side railing is the entire terminal wall (20 LF.)  

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