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H23 120508 U000-235-110, C501 8/19/2022
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Subject: Utility Handholes and DEV Splice boxes Type: Specifications
Question Date: 8/19/2022 1:42:09 PM
Per the amendment, The contractor is responsible of picking up the splice boxes and utility handholes and deliver to the jobsite. Can you provide locations of where these items will be picked up from?  
Answer   Date: 8/22/2022 10:08:36 AM
Per the Special Provision(s), the Contractor shall coordinate with the individual utility owners for the local-yard/regional-yard pick-up location. The utility owners' contact information is noted on Sheet 19(1H).  
Subject: Conflict with DVP MH Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 3:15:49 PM
During a recent Field Visit we saw an Air Pumping station (Commercial Type) that has recently been installed at the same location as Future DVP MH#3 and a 3P transformer. This device appears to have underground lines associated with it. This device is not shown in the plans, who is responsible with the removal and/or relocation of this equipment ? It appears to be associated with the Sunoco Gas Station. MH #3 is found on plan sheet 19(3(1)  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:43:29 PM
The Department will coordinate with the Landowner.  
Subject: Calrification to the Rock Answer Type: Proposal
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:55:10 PM
Please clarify the previous answer regarding the question of rock excavation. It appears the answer may be stating that rock is a changed condition ? Or is it the intent that if rock is encountered then a change in conduit material type may be needed and that is a changed condition to allow for the conduit material change ? In any case the excavation of rock in all trenches is incidental and not considered a changed condition due to the presence of the rock ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:42:57 PM
It can reasonably be inferred from the information provided that rock will be part of the scope of work in some locations. Therefore, It would not be considered a changed condition. Only, in case of a material impact due to rock, Section 104.03 - Differing Site Conditions and 109.05(d) - Payment for changes due to differing site conditions will apply as applicable.  
Subject: Directional Bore Configuration Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:49:05 PM
Ductbank "B" on Plan Sheet 19(8) 1 has both Concrete Encased ( (X-18) and directional bored (X-18D). No change in the configuration or dimensions of the ductbank are shown. What conduits can be placed in a shared bore ? Can DVP and Comm conduits be placed in a shared bore ? Must each conduit be separately bored ? What configurations or combinations are allowable in this case ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:42:14 PM
Dominion Conduits shall be bored separately from the Communication conduits.  
Subject: DVP Manholes Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:42:55 PM
Due to clearance issues with OH Utilities and the location of DVP Manholes can the DVP Manholes be placed in sections, up to 3, in order for the proper equipment to have the needed space to erect the structure ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:41:20 PM
Dominion Energy – Virginia manholes come in sections of 2, allowing alternative means/equipment to be utilized.  
Subject: Bore configuration Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:35:59 PM
Bores such as Ductbank H X-20-A on sheet 19(4) cannot be turned that sharply. Can we drill diagonally through the adjacent parking lot ? If that cannot be done how are we to address this change in direction ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:39:40 PM
Dominion Energy – Virginia has reviewed and approved the plans. No changes are permitted without Dominion Energy – Virginia’s re-approval of the plans.  
Subject: Ready Mix Specification Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:32:35 PM
DVP requires standard 3000 PSI mix in ductbanks for concrete encasement. Due to supply issues with ready mix suppliers will this project allow a standard 3000 PSI or will the mix be required as VDOT Class A3 ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:38:39 PM
Dominion Energy – Virginia specifications/requirements shall be met.  
Subject: Shared Ductbank spacing Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:28:51 PM
Please confirm that a 6 inch separation between DVP and communication conduits is adequate in a shared ductbank ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:31:47 PM
Dominion Energy – Virginia has reviewed and approved the plans. For all conduits that are concrete encased, the 6” min separation is acceptable between Dominion Energy – Virginia and Communication Conduits.  
Subject: Conduit Separation Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:27:30 PM
Many of the plan sections (i.e. X-38 19(9) 1H) show only 2" separation between the DVP conduits. The DVP Standsrd book shows a minimum of 9 inches CL to CL. Please confirm that DVP will accept the 2" spacing.  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:28:25 PM
Dominion Energy – Virginia has reviewed and approved the plans. The Contractor is to install spacers as directed on Sheet 19(2B)  
Subject: Dominion Conduits Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2022 2:22:22 PM
Please confirm that DVP 2-way conduits can be direct buried ?  
Answer   Date: 8/19/2022 3:29:11 PM
The Contractor is directed to the project’s typical sections for determining installation method.  

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