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G97 (CII) 120311 0066-000-921,C501 6/17/2022
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Subject: Ceramic Tile Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/19/2022 5:04:47 PM
The plans and specs call to match exiting ceramic tiles on the walls of the tunnel. Can we get more information about the tile material used and a supplier that can provide this type of ceramic tile?  
Answer   Date: 5/23/2022 12:28:40 PM
The existing tiles are 4.25” square ceramic tiles with rectangular lugs on the back side, and are marked with “AOT24” and “MADE IN USA”. VDOT does not have any other information about tile suppliers. Pictures will be provided during the site visit.  
Subject: Access at the Prebid Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/19/2022 5:02:31 PM
Regarding the site visit what safety equipment (personal) is required if any ? Will we be provided access to the space above the roadway so we can see the existing conditions ? Is there an access walkway or is the existing ceiling system designed to support human access to the space ?  
Answer   Date: 5/23/2022 12:27:52 PM
Standard PPE is required (hard hat, safety shoes, safety vest, and glasses.) A handout with pictures will be provided and discussed during the site visit. Access will only be provided to areas that are safe to enter with standard PPE. We will not enter the space above the roadway because access to the existing ceiling system is through two manholes that require confined space equipment/certification and additional coordination/approvals.  
Subject: SP on Ex Steel Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/18/2022 11:51:15 AM
The SP regarding the existing steel supporting the Bridges over I66 and the pedestrian deck above are specified to receive a fire proof coating. The beams are to be "hand scraped and /or power washed prior to receiving a zinc oxide primer and then a new fireproof coating. Please confirm that all existing steel members above I66 currently have a fireproof coating. Please confirm that the existing paint on the steel members, if any, does not contain any lead paint ? If lead paint is encountered how is that to be accounted for ? Can the zinc oxide primer be installed on the existing steel without any other prep or treatment than the power-wash and scraping ?  
Answer   Date: 5/23/2022 10:18:34 AM
All existing steel girders above I-66 have existing fireproofing coating. The existing paint on the steel members does not contain lead based paint. Please refer to Section 411 of the R&B specifications, Contract Special Provision, and manufacturer recommendations for proper surface preparation/treatment.  
Subject: Bid Date Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/13/2022 4:02:42 PM
With the Showing date so late in the process we are requesting that the date be held but the bid date be moved to the July Letting. There are many components to this job (fire proofing scope & removal/prep) that need to be seen in the feild in order to scope, estimate and bid. With such a late showing date there is likely not enough time after the showing to address scope questions and issues that are derived from the field visit. Please consider moving the actual bid date to the July letting to allow proper time.  
Answer   Date: 5/18/2022 4:01:12 PM
The bid letting date will remain the same as advertised.  
Subject: Existing Fireproofing Material Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/11/2022 9:27:14 AM
Please confirm the existing fireproofing on the steel beams does not contain asbestos or other hazardous material that would impact the removal process.  
Answer   Date: 5/12/2022 7:24:16 AM
The existing fireproofing system on the steel beams does not contain asbestos or other hazardous materials.  
Subject: Project Showing Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/11/2022 8:59:58 AM
Please consider having an earlier showing date than June 7, so bidders have more time to evaluate the tunnel conditions and prepare their bids. The current showing date can be used as a second showing date.  
Answer   Date: 5/12/2022 7:25:15 AM
Non-mandatory project showing will remain the same as advertised.  
Subject: Specialty Items Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/5/2022 5:06:43 PM
There are several items of work involving specialty trades, (Ceramic Tile Repair, Spray Fireproofing) that it is very likely no Prequalified subcontractors exist for this type of work. Will the Department consider waiving the prequalfication requirement for these specialty or unusual items not normally seen on VDOT Projects ? We are concerned about the ability to even get the appropriate subcontractors to bid the work if prequalification is mandatory.  
Answer   Date: 5/20/2022 6:09:25 AM
"An addendum will be released to identify the "Spray - Applied Fireproofing" and "Ceramic Tile Repair" as specialty items."  
Subject: Showing Attendance Required? Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/5/2022 9:29:55 AM
Please advise whether the Showing is required or not. Two separate cabb fields indicate it is not; however, within the solicitation proposal 3-25-22 SPCN the word mandatory appears re: NDA required "prior to entry to the mandatory PreBId Conf/Site Visit."  
Answer   Date: 5/6/2022 8:37:49 AM
The project showing is non-mandatory.  
Subject: Missing Plan Sheet Type: Plan
Question Date: 5/4/2022 2:13:17 PM
Roadway plan sheet 301(4) is missing. Please provide  
Answer   Date: 5/6/2022 8:19:41 AM
Addendum is forthcoming to add the missing plan sheet.  
Subject: Bid Document Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/14/2022 2:35:17 PM
The Bid Documents are not available on ProjectWise, or the link is no good. When and where can the Bid Documents be downloaded?  
Answer   Date: 4/20/2022 10:53:38 AM
Refer to VDOT's "ACCESS TO CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INFORMATION (CII) PROJECTS" page for details. The link is provided below. ""  

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