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G99 117775 0301-048-506,D601 7/22/2022
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Subject: Existing Guardrail Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/16/2022 9:23:29 AM
Can the contractor remove the existing guardrail and replace it at his own cost to allow access to the work area?  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2022 8:06:11 AM
The contractor will be allowed to remove 50 LF of guardrail at this location. However, the guardrail will have to be reinstalled by a certified guardrail installer  
Subject: Utilities Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/16/2022 9:22:23 AM
Can the Department confirm that there are no underground utilities in the proposed areas of construction and or show on the plans the location of the underground utilities?  
Answer   Date: 5/18/2022 12:55:30 PM
The Department is performing subsurface utility investigation. Revisions will be published as appropriate. The letting of this project will be delayed until 6/22/2022.  

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