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G52 118348 0029-029-504, C501, B660 2/18/2022
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Subject: Completion Date Type: Other
Question Date: 2/16/2022 3:11:19 PM
The Proposal Set states the Substantial Completion Date is March 20, 2023 and the CABB Information states, 4/20/2023. Which is correct?  
Answer   Date: 2/16/2022 3:23:40 PM
The FCD is April 20, 2023 and the Substantial Completion Date is March 20, 2023.  
Subject: Cleaning of existing pipe Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/15/2022 3:19:11 PM
Plans show existing pipe to be cleaned. Please advise what item should be used to pay for this work.  
Answer   Date: 2/17/2022 9:09:08 AM
See bid proposal SPCN 'Cleaning Out Existing Drainage Facilities' 5-20-21  
Subject: SIP Forms Type: Specifications
Question Date: 2/14/2022 2:04:46 PM
are Stay In Place forms permitted on this project?  
Answer   Date: 2/16/2022 11:33:51 AM
Yes. The Contractor shall follow all Specifications and ensure structural integrity when using SIP forms. Drawings shall be submitted for review per Specification.  
Subject: Dewatering Basin Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 2/8/2022 12:37:48 PM
Pay Item 610 indicates one Dewatering Basin, but the drawings indicate two. Please indicate which one is correct.  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:46:09 AM
Two is correct. The Schedule of Items has been revised  
Subject: Check Dam Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 2/8/2022 12:37:20 PM
Pay Item 600 calls for check dam Type I, and drawings call for Dam Type 2. Please clarify which type is applicable to this project  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:46:42 AM
Drawings are correct; Check Dam Type 2.  
Subject: Paved Ditch Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 2/8/2022 12:36:43 PM
Pay item 220 – Paved ditch PG-6B indicates 300 SY, but our take off revision indicates more, can you please confirm if the 300 SY is correct?  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:47:19 AM
The correct quantity is 300 SY.  
Subject: Concrete Sidewalk Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 2/8/2022 12:33:35 PM
There is no pay item for the concrete sidewalk. Quantities in line item 80 - CONCRETE CLASS A3 MISC. is not enough. Please indicate under which line item should the concrete sidewalk be accounted for?  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:48:12 AM
A pay item for concrete sidewalk has been added in the recent revision.  
Subject: Traffic Control Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/8/2022 12:31:08 PM
Traffic Control Plans: Location of MB-11A Barriers is not clear. The stations in the cross sections do not match the stations in the plan. Please see Sequence of Construction Plan Stage IB as an example.Please confirm the quantity 3297 LF for the barriers is correct?  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:48:46 AM
By way of clarification, the stationing shown on the sections shown in the Traffic Control Plans is approximate and is with reference to the permanent features to be constructed; for example, the asphalt path ends at approximate station 25+03. The total barrier quantity of 3,297 LF is correct.  
Subject: Temporary Bridge Support Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/7/2022 12:35:07 PM
After discussing with structural engineering firms they expressed constructability issue of Temporary girder support under the bridge deck. Please advice how VDOT would like to set up for temporary support under the bridge.  
Answer   Date: 2/16/2022 11:34:35 AM
Temporary support between Girders 2 & 3 needs to be installed from a lateral direction. Bearing devices such as pancake jacks along with shims may be used to create a tight fit. Temporary support between Girders 4 & 5 may be placed in a regular fashion. Contractor may propose alternative temporary support methods to the department for review and approval. Ultimately, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to determine his means and methods.  
Subject: TempGirderShoring Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/4/2022 10:42:28 AM
Plan sheet 3 of 22 has very little information of temporary support. Temporary support girder should be continuous from Abutment A to B? Or we can use several sections to joint together and rested on pier and abutment? Problem is if we put continuous girder there will be no way to remove it. No space to turn around under the bridge deck as well as over the water? Please provide specific way VDOT would like to set up and remove.  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:49:43 AM
The temporary support between Girders 2 & 3 may be simply supported. The temporary support between Girders 4 & 5 shall be continuous in order to let it deflect in a similar manner with the adjacent permanent girders. The temporary support may be installed permanently. If the Contractor prefers to install simply supported temporary supports between Girders 4 & 5, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the support girder is securely in contact with the deck when the live load is applied during construction. The Contractor shall be responsible for the structural design and load rating if the Contractor chooses alternative means and methods. The design and load rating shall be submitted to the Department for review and documentation. All temporary support beams left in place permanently shall be coated as prescribed in Section 411 of VDOT Road and Bridge Specifications at no additional cost to the Department.  

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