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Order Number UPC State Project Number Last Date to Post Questions
G51 117572 9999-966-313, N501 3/18/2022
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Subject: ebs File Requested Type: Proposal
Question Date: 3/3/2022 10:17:15 AM
The new electronic bid file is not yet available on Bid Express for the 3/23 letting. Please post or advise. Thankyou!  
Answer   Date: 3/3/2022 11:06:40 AM
The electronic bid file has been uploaded to Bid Express.  
Subject: Widening on Both Shoulders Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/18/2022 10:07:47 AM
Please confirm it is VDOT's intent for shoulder widening to be performed on both shoulders of the roadway. Rte 3 is the only location that specifies the left and right shoulders whereas the remaining sheets do not indicate.  
Answer   Date: 2/18/2022 12:35:17 PM
Both sides of the road are to be included in this contract at all locations  
Subject: Allowable Work Hours Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/17/2022 2:42:14 PM
The proposal does not call out any specific allowable work hours beyond school and holiday limitations. Can the Department confirm this is their intent and that there will be no hour restrictions on Route 1 SB, Route 2, and Route 3 WB?  
Answer   Date: 3/14/2022 8:42:52 AM
This was addressed in the latest addendum. Please see the 'No Plan' assembly.  

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