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G50 105734 0632-037-750, C501 2/18/2022
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Subject: Light Pole Foundations Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/20/2022 10:50:29 AM
Line item #1230 is for the "Lighting Concrete Foundation (as recommended by pole supplier)". Plan sheet 7(2A) shows "Concrete Foundation Std, LF-1, Type A... or as recommended by pole supplier". If the pole supplier does not perform foundation designs, can we defer to the VDOT Std LF-1 foundation, or will designed foundations be required? If designed foundations are required, will there be a line item added for soil borings in order to be able to evaluate the soil conditions for the foundation designs?  
Answer   Date: 1/24/2022 8:53:12 AM
The contractor can propose to use the VDOT standard foundation or can also propose alternate foundation designs that are sealed by a professional engineer. If alternative foundations are proposed then the cost of the design effort, including soil exploration, shall be included as incidental to the cost of the foundation.  
Subject: Light Poles Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/20/2022 10:47:18 AM
Plan sheet 7(2A) shows the details for the proposed light poles. The mounting height is shown at 16'. The county standard is 12'. Please advise what is required. Also, the plans show a Breakaway T-base below a decorative pole. Will an FHWA approved breakaway decorative pole/base be accepted in lieu of a T-base? This would make the poles aesthetically more appealing. Please advise.  
Answer   Date: 1/24/2022 8:53:38 AM
The 16’ mounting height is the requirement for this project. Bid the plans as shown. However, the proposal of using a breakaway base, in lieu of a transformer base, may be acceptable if FHWA approved. The intention of the transformer base was to minimize the number of junction boxes required for connections, therefore if the contractor wishes to propose a substitution, then an acceptable NEC and NESC compliant means to make conductor connections will need to be submitted and reviewed by the Department for approval.  

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