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B34 97715 00172-114-220, C501, B619 2/18/2022
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Subject: Advanced Traffic Management System Server and Software Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/22/2022 3:50:10 PM
We have spoken to the vendor that the specification was written around for bid item 2940 Advanced Traffic Management System Server and Software. They have informed us that they cannot provide a proposal at this time because the software has not been developed and it could take up to two years to develop. Please provide direction on how he contractor should bid this item.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Precast Concrete Pile - CFRP or Stainless Strand Alternate Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/15/2022 11:23:48 AM
Page 106 of Bid Proposal states “405.02(a) Calcium nitrite will not be required…when CFRP tendons are specified.” Does the stainless steel prestress strand alternate require calcium nitrite or not?  
Answer   Date: 2/16/2022 11:17:23 AM
Calcium nitrite is not required when Stainless steel tendons are used.  
Subject: Construction Easement Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/11/2022 3:31:39 PM
18. The Roadway, Erosion Control, and MOT plans have conflicting information for the temporary bridge allowable work area. They all show the Proposed Temporary Construction Easement approximately 80ft from centerline of bridge from station 45+50 to 52+75 and existing R/W from station 59+00 to 62+50. However from station 52+75 to 59+00 (approximately 625 LF) there is no temporary easement or proposed R/W shown providing enough room for a temporary bridge. The Erosion Control plans show silt fence and turbidity curtain and the MOT plans show the work zone limits continuous between these stations. Please confirm that the Proposed Temporary Construction Easement is intended to extend from station 52+75 to 59+00 along the silt fence line connecting the Temp Easement and Ex R/W shown on the roadway plans to include all the work area shown on the MOT plans.  
Answer   Date: 2/15/2022 8:15:49 AM
No temporary construction easement is shown from approximate stations 52+75 to 59+00 because the property within those limits is owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The contractor is allowed to work on this property within the limits as referenced in the MOT work zone.  
Subject: Existing 20" Sanitary Sewer Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/9/2022 10:37:23 AM
Please clarify what type of pipe the existing 20" sanitary sewer is?  
Answer   Date: 2/14/2022 8:55:08 AM
For the HRSD 20” FM - the existing pipe material at both tie in locations is Ductile Iron Pipe.  
Subject: Sanitary Sewer Summary Sheet Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/8/2022 1:55:18 PM
The Sanitary Sewer Summary Sheet on Plan Sheet 27(1) does not match the quantities shown on the bid form. Our takeoff is matching within a few feet of what is shown on the summary sheet. Please advise.  
Answer   Date: 2/9/2022 8:22:52 AM
We compared the quantities on sheet 27(1) to the bid form and did not find any discrepancies. It should be noted that there are some sanitary sewer pay items in the bid form that include quantities from both plan series 27 (City of Hampton Sewer) and plan series 28 (City of Poquoson Sewer) for similar pay items. For quantities for plan series 28, please refer to plan sheet 28(1).  
Subject: Addendum Changes Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/7/2022 8:50:12 AM
15. There are several updates and revisions addressed in the Q&A that have not yet been incorporated into the plans or specifications. For instance, the revised NTP and Completion date as well as the use of SIP Forms for the bridge deck. Will there be an upcoming addendum to address these as well as other changes/clarifications to the plans and specifications?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2022 4:47:53 PM
Pending revisions will be addressed in the upcoming addendum towards the end of the week ending 2/12/22.  
Subject: Maintenance of Traffic Type: Plan
Question Date: 2/4/2022 11:03:04 AM
12. The MOT Sequence & Notes on drawing 1J(1) states the Cary's Chapel Rd at Wythe Creek Rd will require closure (Phase 1A) for sheet pile and utility work. However, there is not mention of the timber pile, lightweight embankment, and abutment construction. Is it intended that the Cary's Chapel Rd closure will remain in place for this additional work, as it will require access from the road and encroach on it?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2022 11:21:21 AM
The Cary’s Chapel Road closure is intended for all the heavy civil work associated with constructing the Cary’s Chapel improvements, including the sheeting, excavation, timber piles, lightweight backfill, storm drainage, and utility work. VDOT has coordinated with the City of Poquoson and has indicated that the closure may be required for up to 60 days.  
Question Date: 2/9/2022 2:01:11 PM
17. Due to the limited distance between the permanent sheet pile wall and edge of pavement on Cary's Chapel Road, there is not sufficient room to land the temporary trestle and install a temporary abutment while avoiding the timber piles, caps and lightweight backfill. We anticipate the temporary trestle and abutment will need to extend out into Cary's Chapel Road and impede traffic to avoid damage or conflicts with the road improvements, requiring it to remain closed while the temporary trestle is in use. What contingencies (if any) have been made for an additional closure window of Cary's Chapel Road between VDOT and the City of Poquoson?  
Answer   Date: 2/11/2022 9:27:14 AM
The contractor shall coordinate their anticipated closure needs for Cary’s Chapel Road with District Construction after project award. If more than one extended closure of Cary’s Chapel Road is justified, VDOT will coordinate those needs with the locality.  
Question Date: 2/9/2022 2:00:01 PM
16. Based on the scope of work included in the Cary's Chapel Road improvements not specifically mentioned (but not limited to) like timber pile test, cast-in-place moment slab & wall incorporating storm drain outfalls we anticipate the required closure will exceed the 60 days allowed by VDOT and the City of Poquoson. What contingencies have been made if this work is not able to be completed within the closure?  
Answer   Date: 2/11/2022 9:25:57 AM
After project award, the contractor shall coordinate with District Construction on the anticipated schedule requirements for the Cary’s Chapel Road improvements. If there is reasonable justification for extending the length of closure, VDOT will coordinate with the locality  
Question Date: 2/4/2022 11:04:10 AM
14. There is no mention of a restriction on the length of the Cary's Chapel Rd closure. Is there a maximum number of days Cary's Chapel Rd can be closed? Is the closure restricted to particular scopes of work?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2022 11:21:43 AM
See the answer to Question 12. Paving and curb and gutter work may be done outside of the closure.  
Question Date: 2/4/2022 11:03:50 AM
13. Installation and access to the temporary bridge at Abutment B will restrict Cary's Chapel Rd and require additional closure(s). Is it intended the Cary's Chapel Rd closure (Phase 1A) will remain in place for the installation through removal of the temporary bridge?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2022 11:20:49 AM
The closure of Cary’s Chapel Road is intended for the heavy civil work associated with constructing the Cary’s Chapel Road improvements. It would be advantageous for any work associated with installation of the temporary trestle to occur in this same time frame. We expect that the bridge construction and temporary trestle use may extend beyond the work at Cary’s Chapel Road. A separate short-term closure of Cary’s Chapel Road for the installation and/or removal of the work trestle will be considered by the Department. The contractor shall coordinate any requested closures with the Department for prior approval.  
Subject: Minor Structure Excavation Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/3/2022 7:15:07 AM
Line Item #60 Minor Structure Excavation Pipe Culvert. This particular item isn't shown on the drainage summary or descriptions, nor any of the plan sheets/profiles. It is listed on the Grading Diagram, but with no explanation. Please advise what this item is for?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2022 5:05:27 PM
This item was inadvertently included in the grading diagram. The grading diagram and schedule of items will be revised. The borrow excavation quantity will be updated based on the resulting recalculation of the borrow summary formula on Sheet 2P. As previously indicated, any borrow material required for Class I Backfill of storm drain pipes shall be included in the price of the pipe.  
Subject: Addendum 1 Plans Type: Plan
Question Date: 1/28/2022 10:32:30 AM
When does VDOT plan to post the Addendum 1 plan revisions to ProjectWise?  
Answer   Date: 1/28/2022 1:21:10 PM
Addendum-1 plans are available in ProjectWise (since 1/20/22).  
Question Date: 1/28/2022 2:32:29 PM
We have only found the addendum letter and the HRSD valve guide as new documents in the 97715 ProjectWise folder. There are no plan revisions in that folder. Please advise.  
Answer   Date: 1/28/2022 7:06:19 PM
Reach out to VDOT CADD Support at for technical support.  
Subject: Trestle Pile Permitting Type: Permits
Question Date: 1/27/2022 8:29:51 PM
Referencing the permit files, it appears that per the SF'age impact of the trestle pile, a 4 pile bent using 12" pile was assumed. Further, we see an email from Michael Mussomeli, PWS on Thursday August 8, 2019 @ 11:00 AM referring to the use of wooden trestle pile.Due to the very poor soil conditions, high loads of the crane, and the fact that these pile are to be temporary and will need to be pulled, much larger diameter steel pile will be necessary. Will the permit need revision due to increasing the pile size, and if it does, will that be the Contractors responsibility? What turn around time can be expected when resubmitting the permit?  
Answer   Date: 1/31/2022 2:37:52 PM
The permit drawings and temporary impacts associated with the temporary construction trestle were developed based on the Engineer’s evaluation of project constructability. We understand that each bidder will have different means and methods for the trestle construction, and therefore, as the permit holder, the Department is willing to work with the winning bidder to determine if a permit modification is necessary (or required). Upon successful project award, the contractor shall submit their proposed modification request. The Department will evaluate the proposed modification for internal approval prior to submitting modification request to resource and regulatory agencies for consideration. It should be noted that modifications to the permit that result in greater temporary impacts and, in the case of open steel piles, greater acoustical impacts for in-water work, which were approved in the permit will require approval by the regulatory agencies. The permit modification process would be expected to take 45 to 60 days after receipt of revised permit sketches. If there is a need for purchasing wetland mitigation credits as a result of the permit modification, the timeline would be significantly higher than the said 45 to 60 days due to lack of available wetland credits in the watershed. As the permit holder, the Department will only be responsible for submitting and processing the modification with the agencies. The Contractor will be responsible to bear all costs/fees that pertain to the permit modification and/or purchasing wetland credits. Also, the Contractor will not be compensated (time/cost) for any impacts or changes as a result of the permit modification/permit modification process”  

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