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B12 97712 0644-009-746,M501,B663 6/21/2019
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Subject: Permit Type: Proposal
Question Date: 6/20/2019 3:06:20 PM
Note (1) on sheet 113 of the Proposal states "No construction work or activities shall occur between March 15th and June 30th of any given year." Is this truly the Departments intent or should the statement read "No in-stream work or activities"?  
Answer   Date: 6/24/2019 3:43:29 PM
In accordance with the included permits, no in-stream work or activities shall occur during the referenced time period.  
Subject: Cofferdams Type: Other
Question Date: 6/20/2019 3:01:28 PM
Note (5) on sheet 113 of the Proposal indicates that temporary cofferdams will be used to install the rip rap toe along each side of the stream. How does the Department intend to pay for these cofferdams or are they incidental to the cost of the Rip Rap bid item?  
Answer   Date: 6/24/2019 3:39:08 PM
If cofferdams are required they will be work ordered into the contract.  
Subject: Existing Bridge Type: Other
Question Date: 6/19/2019 3:05:08 PM
Please make existing bridge plans available. Thank you!  
Answer   Date: 6/20/2019 2:02:28 PM
No existing bridge plans are available for the existing Bridge No. 6068.  
Subject: TOYR Clearing Restriction Type: Specifications
Question Date: 5/29/2019 9:53:18 AM
Plan sheet 2 states that the time of year restriction for clearing is April 15 through September 15, but the Special Provisions page 91 states the time of year restriction for clearing is March 15 through August 15. Which date range is correct?  
Answer   Date: 6/6/2019 11:56:01 AM
After further review, neither Time of Year Restriction date ranges for Tree Clearing will be applicable to this Contract. The referenced restrictions will be removed in a forthcoming addendum.  
Subject: Road Plans Type: Plan
Question Date: 5/8/2019 8:32:59 AM
I am having trouble printing pages 1 and 2F of the road plans. I can print them on 8 1/2" X 11" paper but not 11" X 17" paper. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue.  
Answer   Date: 5/8/2019 1:34:41 PM
We are able to print them on 11"x17" paper without issue.  

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