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B03 82513 0622-073-220,C501,B643 5/17/2019
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Subject: Norfolk Southern Type: Proposal
Question Date: 5/17/2019 9:25:49 AM
Can you provide the following information: 1) Average number of trains per day 2) Do any passenger trains operate on the tracks? 3) page 63 of the proposal sets limits of insurance at $5.0M /10.0M.Page 64 sets limits at $2.0M /6.0M unless passenger trains operate on tracks. If there are no passenger trains, can you verify required insurance limits?  
Answer   Date: 5/20/2019 3:55:00 PM
The number of daily trains is listed in Section 107 of the proposal, there are currently no passenger trains operating on this route. 3. Based on that the insurance limit will be $2m/$6m.  
Subject: Utility Conflicts Type: Other
Question Date: 5/15/2019 9:43:18 AM
It appears that there is a utility line stretching over the road at the north approach approximately halfway between the approach and route US-360. Has the state coordinated a relocation plan with the utility company or will that be the contractors responsibility should the contractor determine relocation to be necessary?  
Answer   Date: 5/17/2019 10:12:28 AM
The Department will not relocate the overhead line. If the Contractor chooses to have adjustments made to the overhead utility for his benefit, all costs of relocation shall be the responsibility of the Contractor in accordance with section 105.08 of the 2016 Road and Bridge Specifications.  

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