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B01 114710 9999-964-597,N501 4/19/2019
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Subject: Task Orders on Page 112 Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/16/2019 8:15:39 AM
All 3 of the Task Orders appear to be incorrect ,particularly in regard to tonnages .On Task Order #1 Amelia St section has already been paved to Bank St and the end portion of this order lists Factory Ln as the finish point ,Factory Ln doesn't connect with Rt. 36 .Task Order #2 location is only about 1200 lf which would not use the tonnage shown and #3 is approximately 3000 lf in length and ,again ,no where near the tonnage listed .Please give us more accurate locations and tonnages for these 3 task orders on Rt. 36  
Answer   Date: 4/23/2019 9:30:55 AM
Actual Task Orders will be issued after the contract is executed, that include precise limits, scope, items, and quantities. Please disregard the quantities provided in the sample task order table and bid the quantities that are provided in the Schedule of Bid Items. Correct, a small section of Sample Task Order 1 has already been paved and the actual paving limit will be adjusted accordingly. Correct, Factory Ln is not the termini of Task Order 1- it should be Puddledock Road and will be adjusted accordingly.  

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