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632 113050 (NFO) PM6K-966-F19,P401 4/19/2019
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Subject: Section 108.02 - Limitations of Operations Type: Specifications
Question Date: 4/19/2019 2:39:59 PM
With this project now being bid on 4/24/19 while still identifying a 12/6/19 completion date, the allowable time to complete this project has been reduced from the original advertisement. Also, Section 108.02 – Limitation of Operations states, “The Contractor shall not perform Work concurrently on any of the routes listed below…. The Contractor shall complete all the Work (flexible planing, trench widening operations, placing final surface asphalt concrete and either final pavement markings or temporary pavement markings) on each route before starting work on any other route.” This Limitation of Operations will affect the Contractor’s ability to perform its work in a productive manner. Will the Department allow the Contractor to utilize multiple milling/paving/striping crews to perform work in two locations simultaneously?  
Answer   Date: 4/22/2019 4:22:54 PM
There will be no change to the fixed completion date of the contract. The contractor may use multiple crews on a single route; however the limits of operations noted in the contract will not be changed. This limitation of operations was included because of potential work zone impacts to the Dahlgren Navel Base.  

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