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987 114238 PM9J-029-F19, N501 2/22/2019
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Subject: Limitations of Operations (SPCN) 7-12-16 Type: Specifications
Question Date: 1/3/2019 10:53:25 AM
Per the SPCN on page 6 of the contract (“limitations of operations” copied below), Is it the Department’s intent to have all routes on this schedule performed as a mill and fill operation? This SPCN supersedes the performance milling specification time frame for repaving a milled surface. In it, the contractor cannot leave a milled surface unpaved Thursday evening thru Sunday evening period, so that dictates mill and fill with patching of whatever conditions require in between starting and finishing a day’s shift. It also allows only 48 hours to cover a milled surface on routes with a traffic group of XIV (or 5 consecutive calendar days on all other routes). In effect, this SPCN dictates a mill and fill operation Thursday thru Sunday evening. With that, this will also require a VDOT inspector be onsite at all times, in order to mark the surface prep directly behind the milling operation. It also forces a contractor to perform the mill and fill in such a manner that each day’s production cannot be predicted as the contractor will have to patch the same day as they mill. It will also dictate all signal loops will be installed in the final topping surface. We are not sure if this is the intent, but would like to confirm this note is in the contract as intended with the associated side affects to be considered as presented. "LIMITATIONS OF OPERATIONS” — The Contractor shall schedule milling and asphalt overlaying operations in such a manner that asphalt overlay operations are performed as quickly as possible after milling operations are performed. Such time period shall not exceed 48 hours for such work on roadways designated as traffic group XIV and as designated elsewhere in the Contract; and shall not exceed five consecutive calendar days for such work on all other roadways; or as directed by the Engineer. No milled areas shall be left unpaved from Thursday evening through Sunday evening. 2-12-09; Reissued 7-12-16_(SPCN)"  
Answer   Date: 1/8/2019 12:59:12 PM
The Department's intent is to minimize the time milled surfaces are left exposed to weather and traffic. The SPCN for "Disincentive for Planing in Multiple Lanes" applies to Section III.A.1 of the "Cold Planing (Milling) Asphalt Concrete Operations" Special Provision for All Interstates and other Limited Access Roadways including Ramps and Loops posted at 55 Mph or Greater. The "Limitations of Operations" SPCN with a Reissued date of 7-12-16 shall apply to all other roadways outside of the parameters of section III.A.1 of the Cold Planing (Milling) Asphalt Concrete Operations Special Provision, with designated Traffic Group of XIV.  

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