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443 113382 PM4F-020-F19,P401 2/8/2019
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Subject: QUANTITIES ERROR-assault drive Type: Proposal
Question Date: 1/23/2019 4:36:02 PM
There appears to be an error in tonnage on location 115 of 165 (pg 254) on Assualt Drive int the neighborhood of deer run triple crown. The contract and distance on the street shows .07 miles, however the extended tonnage for it is 517.87 Tons. Will the department issue an addendum to correct the mistake so that tonnage is not overstated?  
Answer   Date: 2/7/2019 10:20:59 AM
There is a calculation error on this tonnage. The correct value is 51.74 tons. An Addendum will not be issued.  
Subject: MTV Requirement IM 19.0E Type: Specifications
Question Date: 1/9/2019 3:57:56 PM
Is a material transfer vehicle required for IM 19.0E RWP or patch? Page 201, 208, etc show a table indicating an MTV requirement for all items on the table, including IM 19.0E RWP and patching.  
Answer   Date: 1/17/2019 1:24:53 PM
There are no MTV requirements on this contract.  

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