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A59 113399 (NFO) PM44-964-F19, P401 2/22/2019
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Subject: Proposal Line Number 0020 Pavement Asphalt Repair Mastic Type: Specifications
Question Date: 2/21/2019 10:39:51 AM
This question pertains to Proposal Line Number 0020 Pavement Asphalt repair Mastic. The plans call for a final application to be 3” wide by 2” deep, for all applications of the material except for the longitudinal edge joint. We have visited all site locations and it is our professional opinion that a 3” finished product is not sufficient for most locations. The areas affected average 3”. Keep in mind the wall cavity surrounding the 3” wide crack is fatigued and needs to be cut back to solid concrete. It is our opinion from past experiences that a uniform 6” routed area best covers the affected area. By using a 6” routing tool it will also allow you to fix the 3’ x 3’ spalled areas referenced in the plans.  
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