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331 113227 PM3D-963-F19,N501 2/22/2019
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Subject: Center Line Markings Type: Proposal
Question Date: 2/25/2019 4:20:21 PM
On route 40 from milepost 0.662 to milepost 4.34, and on route 40 from milepost 4.8 to milepost 6.07. It appears that Centerline Class I PVMT Line Marking and TEMP PVMT MRKG - Yellow will not be needed as described in the proposal.  
Answer   Date: 2/26/2019 2:58:21 PM
The work on Rte. 40 from milepost 0.662 to milepost 4.34 and on Rte. 40 from milepost 4.8 to milepost 6.07 will not require the installation of centerline pavement line markings or centerline temporary pavement line markings.  

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