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330 113226 PM3C-963-F19,N501 2/22/2019
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Subject: 6' milling/paving Type: Specifications
Question Date: 2/19/2019 4:34:13 PM
On Rte 60 at mm 2.88-6.28, the contract directs the contractor to mill and pave 6' from CL and place 4" Bm and 2" Sm. There are not quantities to mill and overlay the middle of the route (6' inside on each direction), but the contract shows placing new yellow centerline and SPRM's. Is the departments intent to pave only the outside of the route with 6" of asphalt at 6', placing a joint down the middle of the lane and to install new SPRM / ty b cl 1 yellow on aged asphalt, or are quantities for the remaining mill and overlay of the center missing?  
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