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N90 77296 (NFO)0221-031-110,B601, M501 8/17/2018
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Subject: Utility Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/17/2018 8:53:15 AM
Will any necessary relocation of the fiber optic and phone lines be completed prior to construction beginning?  
Answer   Date: 8/17/2018 11:38:29 AM
The underground telephone lines have been relocated. The contractor can contact Eddie Bowers at Citizens telephone at 540-745-9570 for specific location of the new facilities.  
Question Date: 8/17/2018 8:52:38 AM
Will the relocation of the two overhead power lines be completed prior to construction beginning?  
Answer   Date: 8/17/2018 11:38:04 AM
The overhead lines have been relocated. The contractor should plan all work with the aerial lines in their present location in the field.  
Subject: Time of Year Restriction Type: Permits
Question Date: 8/9/2018 9:36:19 AM
The DEQ Permit includes a Time of Year Restriction for Brook/Brown Trout from October 1-March 31 of any year. That means that the contractor will not be able to start work on this 2 Phase bridge until April 1, 2019 with a completion date of November 22, 2019. Is that the Departments intent?  
Answer   Date: 8/21/2018 9:56:45 AM
The Department's intent is for the Contractor to adhere to the permit and complete the project by November 22, 2019.  
Subject: Existing Bridge Plans Type: Plan
Question Date: 8/7/2018 8:47:11 AM
Can the Department post the existing bridge plans?  
Answer   Date: 8/9/2018 7:40:15 AM
Plans have been posted.  

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