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C60 109440 0081-095-048, C501 7/17/2020
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Subject: Pipe Joint Type Type: Other
Question Date: 7/14/2020 5:03:35 PM
Is Silt Tight Joint Pipe same as Leak Resistant Joint Pipe? If not, can Silt Tight be used in lieu of Leak Resistant?  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Uninterruptible Power Supply Type: Proposal
Question Date: 7/10/2020 4:59:59 PM
Line number 1760 is for a UPS cabinet Attached. The Traffic Signalization Cabinet is designed to include room to the UPS equipment. Is the UPS cabinet needed?  
Answer   Date: 7/14/2020 9:47:14 AM
The UPS Cabinet will be needed so that the UPS batteries will be located outside the cabinet.  
Subject: ATC Cabinet Type: Proposal
Question Date: 7/10/2020 4:55:49 PM
Line Number 1790, Is this cabinet configuration a 16 channel or 32 channel?  
Answer   Date: 7/14/2020 9:46:51 AM
The cabinet will be a 16 channel.  
Subject: Plan Sheets 11(1) and 11(2) Type: Plan
Question Date: 6/30/2020 10:30:02 AM
Plan Sheets 11(1) and 11(2) are missing from Project Wise. Please advise.  
Answer   Date: 7/8/2020 10:23:49 AM
Sheets 11(1) and 11(2) were not used, these sheet numbers were kept open just in case they were needed in the future as the plans were developed.  
Subject: LUMINAIRES Type: Plan
Question Date: 6/30/2020 10:29:23 AM
Bid Item #1930 and Plan Sheet 11(6) describe the luminaires as "Luminaire CCT 4000K 250 HPS Type A". Typically a 4000K CCT luminaire is LED, not HPS. This bid item describes both HPS and LED parts. What type of fixture is this to be, and what wattage?  
Answer   Date: 7/8/2020 10:24:18 AM
The 250 HPS is referenced as a LED equivalent. The fixture shall be LED with an equivalent lumen output of 250 HPS.  
Subject: Traffic Signalization ATC Controller Foundation Type: Specifications
Question Date: 6/25/2020 2:20:29 PM
Bid sheet references specification is attached. Can you provide location in blue book to where the spec is located?  
Answer   Date: 6/25/2020 3:14:23 PM
That reference means that either the specification is in the proposal or on the plan sheets.  
Subject: Rem-Disp Sign Struct Ty STP-II Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 6/25/2020 1:41:23 PM
This item is listed on sheet 10(02) with a quantity of 1. Will you be adding a line item to the bid sheet?  
Answer   Date: 6/29/2020 7:21:01 AM
This item should be added to bid sheet to cover remove-dispose of sign structure Ty. STP-II shown on sheet 10(4).  
Subject: Junction Box JB-S2 Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 6/25/2020 1:40:00 PM
I counted 16 boxes in the drawings and the bid sheet has 17. Can you verify quantity?  
Answer   Date: 6/29/2020 7:21:33 AM
Plans were reviewed and quantities for JB-S2 (15 ea.) and JB-S3 (2 ea.) as shown in the quantities on Plan Sheet 11(6) were verified.  
Subject: Line Item 1910 55020 2 Cond Cable Type: Plan
Question Date: 6/25/2020 1:38:50 PM
Where is this item in the plan sheets? I only found 6 cond cable on sheet 11(6) that does not have a line item associated on the bid sheet. Please clarify.  
Answer   Date: 6/29/2020 7:22:11 AM
The 6 Conductor Cable on sheet 11(6) should be revised to 2 Conductor Cable as called for on sheet 11(5) in the Cable and Conduit Legend. The 2 Cond Cable is the correct item.  

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