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Order Number UPC State Project Number Last Date to Post Questions
C56 116082 9999-96A-584,N501 4/17/2020
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Subject: Bid Item 1100 Traffic Signalization Mounting Bracket Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/17/2020 2:54:10 PM
Please clarify what is required for Bid Item 1100 mounting bracket.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: APS Push Button Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/15/2020 2:22:35 PM
Line Number 1000 indicates an APS button with Bluetooth, but the specification in the proposal does not indicate that Bluetooth is required. Please clarify  
Answer   2 previous answer(s) Date: 4/17/2020 3:56:03 PM
Bluetooth is not required. The Item listed in Line Number 1000 should meet the specification included in the proposal.  
Subject: Uniformed Flagger Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 4/15/2020 10:23:37 AM
There is a pay item listed for "flagger service" but not one for "Police patrol uniformed flagger". Can this line item be added to contract?  
Answer   Date: 4/16/2020 3:05:58 PM
The pay item for Police Patrol Uniformed Flagger” was intentionally not included in the bid items. However, it is included under a separate pay item category.  
Subject: Video Detection Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/8/2020 11:31:31 AM
Proposal Line Number 0640 indicates there is a Special Provision as part of the proposal documents but the Special Provision is not in the proposal. There should also be additional line numbers for the other components listed in the Special Provision for Type III Video Detection.  
Answer   Date: 4/17/2020 2:44:59 PM
This item will be addressed by work order after contract execution.  

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