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Order Number UPC State Project Number Last Date to Post Questions
C52 113032 0707-001-706,M501,B627 4/17/2020
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Subject: Temporary HDPE Pipe Type: Proposal
Question Date: 4/14/2020 10:15:33 AM
Page 5 of the proposal states that the temporary HDPE pipe is paid by LF. There is no pay item for this. Please add pay item.  
Answer   1 previous answer(s) Date: 4/16/2020 1:10:27 PM
In the Schedule of Items please see Proposal Line Number 0380.  
Subject: Concrete Exposed to Tidal Water Type: Specifications
Question Date: 4/14/2020 9:08:55 AM
Please confirm that spec 404.03 - concrete exposed to tidal water applies to this project. Is the cost of the coating incidental to precast items?  
Answer   Date: 4/20/2020 1:02:55 PM
Yes the provisions given in Specification Section 404.03 for concrete exposed to tidal water applies to this project. The cost of the coating shall be incidental to concrete Class A3 and the three-sided precast concrete box payment items.  
Subject: Combined Plan Sheets Type: Plan
Question Date: 3/20/2020 11:04:26 AM
plan sheets do not contain bridge drawings, only roadway drawings. please post bridge drawings.  
Answer   Date: 3/23/2020 7:48:15 AM
Bridge drawings are available in ProjectWise.  

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