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C44 115494 6501-230-381, M501 4/17/2020
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Subject: Lighting Poles Type: Plan
Question Date: 4/14/2020 12:48:34 PM
Is an alternate pole/fixture assembly acceptable?  
Answer   Date: 4/14/2020 4:57:28 PM
No, the intent is to match the existing lighting adjacent to the project limits.  
Subject: Lighting Quantities Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 3/26/2020 2:41:19 PM
Please clarify the lighting quantities. Sheet 4 & 4A show a quantity of 11. Base bid line item 0660 Lighting Foundation, Pole, & Luminaire show a quantity of 4, additive bid line item 0890 Lighting Foundation, Pole, & Luminaire show a quantity of 7, and additive bid item 0900 Lighting Paved (Light Pole Foundations). Sheet 2(C) does not reference bid item 0900 and I could not find specification in the proposal.  
Answer   Date: 3/27/2020 9:34:02 AM
The title sheet reflects the limits of the base bid and additive locations. Sheet 4 and 4A show all the lighting locations, totaling 11 each. Line 0660 59000 - LIGHT FOUNDATION, POLE, & LUMINAIRE reflects 4 ea (Base Bid) and Line 0890 59000 - LIGHT FOUNDATION, POLE, & LUMINAIRE reflects 7 ea (Additive Bid). Line 0900 references the incorrect pay item and will be revised to 00134 - TEST EXCAVATION (PAVED) LIGHT POLE FOUNDATIONS in a forthcoming addendum. Refer to page 160 in the proposal for the specification.  
Subject: Sign Quantities Type: Plan
Question Date: 3/26/2020 2:16:23 PM
Can you post the sign section of the drawings? I did not see any signs for the 20 pages that have been posted.  
Answer   Date: 3/27/2020 10:50:20 AM
Per plan sheet 3 the only new signs proposed are shown at Sta. 108+00 on Route 501 at the proposed crosswalk that states the following: 2 - 30" x 30" W11-2 2 - 24" x 12" W16-9P These signs should meet the current edition of the MUTCD. All other signs shall be re-used and placed on new posts unless otherwise noted.  

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