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Order Number UPC State Project Number Last Date to Post Questions
C04 111298 0460-067-736, B610 4/17/2020
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Subject: Biditems Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 4/20/2020 9:07:28 AM
Biditems in AASHTOWARE, BIDX and the April 10 Revision letter do not match. The revision letter includes Biditem 115 - 20 LF of barrier service. BidX and AASHTOWARE have Biditem 120 - barrier service. This discrepancy affects the remainder of the biditems as well. Please advise.  
Answer   Date: 4/20/2020 4:23:13 PM
The Schedule of Items has been updated in the most recent revision to ensure the Proposal Line Numbers were corrected to match. No items or quantity changes were made.  
Subject: Plan Holders Type: Other
Question Date: 4/13/2020 9:56:40 AM
Is there a plan holders list for this project?  
Answer   Date: 4/13/2020 10:44:07 AM
Yes, it is located in Projectwise, titled as "Plan Holders List".  
Subject: Bearing Pedestal replacements on Piers 1 and 3 Type: Proposal
Question Date: 3/18/2020 3:25:46 PM
Which pay item should that scope of work be compensated under? Thanks.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Jacking/Shoring Plan Type: Plan
Question Date: 3/9/2020 2:30:41 PM
The plans give both a jacking plan (sheets 21 and 22) and shoring plan (sheet 10 and 11), will the contractor still need to provide stamped plans for these two or use the ones listed?  
Answer   Date: 3/17/2020 4:59:15 PM
Stamped plans will need to be provided in accordance with the associated specification references for the pay items.  
Subject: Completion Date Type: Proposal
Question Date: 3/9/2020 12:16:36 PM
Given the typical timeframe for project award, procurement of long lead time materials (bearing pads) and the scope of work proposed, it is possible that phase 1 will be done by the project completion date. Factoring in weather late in 2020 and with weather sensitive work (bridge coating) to be done after all other work is complete, the final completion date at the earliest should be in May of 2021.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Plan Sheets 26-33 Type: Plan
Question Date: 3/9/2020 11:58:27 AM
Plan sheets 26 thru 33 are not posted.  
Answer   Date:
Subject: Type: Bid Sheet
Question Date: 3/3/2020 3:14:54 PM
Can you, or will you, give the estimated weight of Line 0360 Temporary Shoring Structural Steel?  
Answer   Date: 3/6/2020 10:45:12 AM
Please refer to the temporary shoring structural steel conceptual shapes and sizes provided within the plans and Special Provision for Temporary Shoring Structural Steel.  

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